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I’m glad in a way that texting while driving is illegal in my area. Personally I cannot do it. If I were to hold my cell phone out to my right and try to steer with my left hand I would quickly drift to the right and off the shoulder of the road. The reverse is also true. Either way, I’m in danger.

Why? Well, we tend to go where we’re looking. We tend to drift in the direction of our attention. We usually wind up arriving at whatever destination we give our attention to, and it’s not always what we really want. Most of the time it’s just “whatever” and “where ever.”

When one of my children was learning to ride a bike, she was concerned about a small sapling in our yard.

“Don’t let me hit that tree!” she said. “I won’t” I reassured her, “Just steer toward me.” 

“But what if I hit the tree?”

“You won’t! Just look at me.”

She began to peddle then coast across the yard. And yes, straight into the tree. I ran over to her and through the tears and snubbing she said:

“I TOLD you I was gonna hit that tree!”

When you set out on a journey toward educational or professional success, look at your goal and focus on it every day. Imagine how it will look and feel to be the person you desire to be. Learn to stay focused. And as you learn to be good at it, teach your students to do it.

It’s much more rewarding that driving and texting.


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I hate church signs. They almost always express some cheesy albeit esoteric sentiment understood only by those who speak in denominational clichés. My favorite is:  CH _ _ CH   What’s missing? UR! (lol) Yeah, and I’ll probably be missing for quite some time until you can stop embarrassing me in public with your tired wit.

Recently, however, I saw one with true merit. It contained real hope, real optimism. It read Today’s problems are tomorrow’s testimonies. OK, so it’s a little corny as well, but it is true nonetheless.

My past problems are the things which I have overcome and now make up my “victory file.” When I get self-critical, I can remember one of those events and think “I finished that!” or “I did that well!” or “I came through that in one piece!”

Oh yeah, there are failures as well, but I remember them as learning experiences, not as painful losses. I choose to see all of these things as lessons learned, positive outcomes, –victories.

I like victories.

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Music can be an interesting medium. Your goal in a performance is the faithful reproduction, both aural and emotional, of the composer’s internal wishes. Internal, because until you perform it, it’s all in his or her head (or on his or her paper.) Performers and conductors alike, not wishing the performance to be totally cerebral, sometimes use imagery to evoke the feelings and emotions necessary for a truly honest transmission of the writer’s idea. Actors do the same thing.

My daughter, a violinist, was looking over the conductor’s score one evening during a break in rehearsal. There was a point in the piece where the music was to grow very expressive, almost melancholy. Amid all of the other expression marks like crescendos and such, there was, in the margin, a note that said simply: 5:00 on a November evening.

The inscription and its purpose may or may not have escaped my daughter (I don’t recall,) but I do remember how immediate the effect was. I was there. Somewhere on a fall evening, smelling leaves, skies partly cloudy, while overhead birds migrated south, I was swept along with his imagery and could have easily felt it all. It was amazing.

What’s your day? What day did you feel exactly like you wanted to? When was the last day things went your way? Get that experience back firmly in your mind and take advantage of it. If you want to feel like that again, you must feel that way now and as often as possible. Bad feelings attract bad feeling, and the reverse is also true (but you know this, right?) Make an effort to remind yourself that you don’t always feel bad and that things don’t always go wrong. Find those happy days and put the dates on small post-its in places that you will stumble across and smile and feel good again.

Happiness can become habit-forming.

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No matter how I try to build myself up and improve my thinking habits, I still sometimes forget and resort to my former dark and pessimistic ways. Most irritating of all are those who glibly advise “Just look on the bright side!” That tells me either 1) they’ve never really looked at the true spiritual side of things and are just giving lip service to positive thinking, or 2) they’re on some plane so high above where I am that it really is that simple for them.

One of the most aggravated moments in my journey was when I read a book on happiness by the Dalai Lama. It said that if I wanted to have what I desire then I should desire what I have. O.k.–now I feel tricked! Similarly: If you want to do what you love, just love what you do. I bought a book only to receive useless advice like that!? As my students say “That’s messed up!”

Later, I realized how it works. What you hold in your mind you hold in your hands. If you are all about worry and need, you attract more need and stuff to worry about. If you’re positive (honestly positive) and yielding to the universe, you attract the positive and hopeful. That positive shift in worldview is what moves you into a frame of mind to attract and receive the good in life.

If I truly desire a better life, then I show and talk gratitude for the life I have now. I stop focusing on all the reasons my life is unsatisfactory, and pick out those I can put a positive spin on and think about them. That positive outlook is what allows  me to begin to move from attracting more need and dissatisfaction to attracting supply and content. It doesn’t mean that I’m giving up and settling; it means that I am intentionally becoming a magnet for the good.

I like attracting the good.

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Five Mind Tricks to Help Stop Negativity
A description of five mental disciplines to help train yourself to stop being automatically pessimistic and negative. Article shows how to catch yourself being negative and pivot around to a more positive outlook.
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Have you ever noticed how many songs actually have some great spiritual implications in them?  I’m only now coming to realize how many songs I’ve sung through the years that have the positive thinking mantra hidden innocuously somewhere in their lyrics. It seems there is an effort to teach or maybe remind us that feeling good is both a goal and the key to the abundant life we all seek.

Now, you don’t have to dig very deep into anything labeled positive thinking, law of attraction, think and grow ______ (whatever) to get the message that our emotions are the thermometer of the soul. NOT the thermostat, but the thermometer. The way we think is the thermostat. In addition, all of the gurus I’ve read– Hill, Abraham-Hicks, Vitale, Proctor,– agree that much of the power which is available to us is released when we are feeling love in connection with the thing we desire. “Think of a wonderful thing. It’s the same as having wings,” I learned as a child from the Disney movie Peter Pan. Recently I was listening to an old Sinatra recording and realized the truth in the line “I can make the rain go anytime I move my finger. What a world, what a life, I’m in love!”

Positive emotion, especially love,  gives us an enormous boost onto the level of true power from which we can experience freedom and abundance. Look for opportunities to rise to this arena and make being there a habit. When it becomes a way of life, the miraculous will become the norm.

Look forward to it.

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In a previous post I mentioned vibrational threshing, a term I coined for the winnowing process we go through when learning to separate positive outcomes from negative thoughts. In that process, you simply reword a problem and put it in a more hopeful, positive light. Instead of saying “I can’t afford anything I want,” you simply put more focus on the hope of its presence. “I can’t afford that” becomes “I’m really looking forward to having that.”  Also, focusing on what you do have, and feeling true gratitude for it, will give you the little boost you need to start the flow of positive feelings.

There is another aspect to vibrational threshing, however. It occurs after you have set an intention as best as you know how. As you release your attachment to the thing desired, you will be given opportunity to fine tune your wishes. Are you wanting a better place to live? You will probably see something similar to the one in your mind’s eye before long. Soon, you may see something similar, but a different color, or a different kind of porch, or doors, or any number of things. This gives you the opportunity to actually see with your own eyes the parade of possibilities and put a finer point on your true desire. Each step brings you closer to your dream. Ambivalence will only cloud your ability to focus and that will keep you apart from your goals. Clarity is certainty.

The experience of vibrational threshing gives you more and more confidence in the process, resulting in less doubt, and more fun watching the whole thing work out. That slow removal of doubt and fear has an obvious effect on your interaction with others. When you start being happy, others will notice. And even if they don’t you’re still happy.

And it’s just better to be happy.

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