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At my college, there was a huge (and I mean HUGE) rock that sat on the corner of a busy intersection. It was 12 feet high and nearly 20 feet wide and weighed several tons. Legend has it that it was found while excavating a nearby construction site for another building back in the day. The rock was found protruding about 9 inches above ground and had a visible area of less than a cubic foot. Workers with shovel began to dig–and dig–and dig. A backhoe was brought to dig–and dig–and dig.

When this monstrosity was finally unearthed, it was so enormous and impressive that no one wanted to blast it into smaller bits. Instead it was relocated to a busy intersection and became legend. Students would paint messages on it, post announcements on it, decorate it for homecoming–it was once smeared with sterno and set on fire! It was so much more than a rock.

Our students are much like that rock. We see only an outcropping in our classes. Underneath is an enormous and even infinite spiritual being behind that small human image we see each day. There are experiences, desires, feelings, emotional baggage, joys, successes, failures –you name it–all behind that facade. But I’m talking about something even deeper.

We may never understand it all, but the fact that our students know that we know and respect its presence means something to them. We don’t have to know all there is to know about them to respect their individuality and uniqueness of spirit. We just need to remember there is always more to them than meets the eye.

In time, as they know more about themselves, so will we.


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